• The Milky Way Economy

    Advising the businesses, technologist and financiers of the Space Economy.


    Humans are heading to Space and we are the financial pathfinders exploring the economic realities of Space for all humanity.


    Before Women can lead Humanity to where no Man has gone before, we'll have to create the map, understand the directions and fuels that make the exponential growth of Space exploration possible. Who's coming with us?

    All aboard!

  • FAQ

    Your on-demand Space Economy Experts

    Pomegranates on Mars

    (Mar's Economics 101 series)

    How much does a pomegranate cost on Mars?

    Email us your answer at Official@MilkyWayEconomy.com for your chance to win a free copy of our book "Blockchain & The Space Economy". Keep in mind this is a tough question. So we encourage you to explain your answer in as much detail as you think is necessary. Feel free to submit video responses on social media by tagging us @MilkyWayEconomy.

  • Economist-at-Large

    Tomorrow's leaders in Space Economics.

    EL Williams

    Space Economist in training since 2015.

    A woman's work is never done.

    EL Williams are the international half of the Milky Way Economy's passionate Space power house. They've proudly been training for Space and life in orbit since 2015 and 2017 respectively.

    Pullens From Maine

    As Maine as lobster and maple syrup.

    The Pullens are pulling for all things Maine. And they want you to join them on the exciting journey of exploring the Space Economy. For more information follow the Space Economy Show, exclusively on the Space Channel! See you in orbit!

  • FTL Communications

    "FTL" stands for Faster Than Light and for that connect with us on social @MilkyWayEconomy. But if you prefer terrestrial snail mail communications, drop us an email below!