• About milkywayeconomy

    Your destiantion for the business of Space.


    MilkyWayEconomy, a partner, venture capitalist, advisor, and think tank is focused on the Fifth Industrial Revolution and The Space Economy. MWE works alongside, invests, educates, and advises the businesses, technologists, financiers, and spacepreneurs creating the space economy.


    MilkyWayEconomy has a wide range of businesses and operations it has invested in and supports across the space industry. Including spacepower, new types of satellites, enhanced space domain awareness (SDA), new propulsion systems, space shielding, space compute, space tourism, manufacturing in space (OSAM), xGEO and Cislunar mobility, space enhanced products, space infrastructure, space services, and data generated from space. MilkyWayEconomy is also the parent company of The Space Economy (TSE) e-learning and the MilkyWayEconomy Space Economy Series of books.


    In addition to our work with portfolio companies we also sit on other company's Boards and provide strategy consulting, advisory services and mission support for contract-based clients.


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