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    MilkyWayEconomy Services and Capabilities

    Spaceport Feasibility Studies

    Building a Spaceport? We help determine the ROI of Space and Spaceports to your local economy.

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    Download our menue of services here.  


    If you require assistance that is not listed feel free to email us at official@milkywayeconomy.com

    Educational & Promotional Videos

    Nothing tells your story like a video. Checkout how we helped Space Force tell its recruiting story. 

    Board Advising

    Thinking about getting into the business of Space? MilkyWayEconomy is a the 21st Century's version of a Board member / advisor. We're not just one person's opinion, we're a think tank's worth of expertise. Email us today to discuss being on your Board. official@milkywayeconomy.com 

    Domain Leasing & Website Building

    At MWE we maintain a portfolio of digital Spaceports and websites. Contact us to start building your online presence. Need a domain? We have hundred ready to be customized for your Spaceport or destination, such as: www.MaineSpaceport.com and www.SpaceportMaine.com

    Additional Services

    At MWE we strive to meet all our client's needs. Have a special issue or tough issue you need your own personal Think Tank to tackle? Email us today to start solving that problem.

  • How milkywayeconomy's services are retained

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    Consulting Services

    For companies who just need a little strategic help, from time to time.

    $1000 per hour

    Your smart and intelligent. Unfortunately, you don't have the bandwidth. We do. We're SMEs who can be engaged from our menu of services and if you don't see it there, just ask.


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    Don't have the cash to hire consultants? We accept equity compensation for our services

    5% - 10%

    Depending on services you need.

    Many clients engage us via SAFEs for between 5-10% equity depending on what you need. 2% of the equity vests upon execution of agreement with the balance tied to deliverables.

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    Board Seats

    $50k - $250k

    Annual retainers

    We're always happy to consider various board seats opportunities. However, our time is limited so turn down 99% of them. But don't let that stop you from reaching out and inquiring. If nothing else, we probably know some woman who is far more qualified than we are that you should be considering.