• Spaceport Feasibility Studies

    Building a Spaceport? We help determine the ROI of Space and Spaceports to your local economy.

    Educational & Promotional Videos

    Nothing tells your story like a video. Need an example? Check out The Space Economy's.

    Domain Leasing & Website Building

    At MWE we maintain a portfolio of digital Spaceports and websites. Checkout www.AmericasSpace.com and contact us to start building your online presence. Need a domain? We have hundred ready to be customized for your Spaceport or destination, such as: www.MaineSpaceport.com and www.SpaceportMaine.com

    Raising Money & Investment Crowdfunding

    MWE is the lead investor into FINRA approved crowdfunding portal Brite.us "Investment Crowdfunding Done Brite". Via Brite.us we enable Space and Space-adjacent business to engage everyone in raising up to $5M via RegCF and $75M via RegA+. Email us at official@milkywayeconomy.com to learn more.

    Additional Services

    At MWE we strive to meet all our client's needs. Have a special issue or tough issue you need your own personal Think Tank to tackle? Email us today to start solving that problem.