$100B Dollar Cape Canaveral Sea Wall

Below is an excerpt from a recent online exchange with Tom Morotta, CEO and Founder of The Spaceport Company, which borrows research from one of MWE's proposals submitted to Space Force and NASA to join forces with MattBeth Construction to build a seawall around Cape Canaveral to protect it from rising ocean waters.


We could also build a seawall around Cape Canaveral.

MilkyWayEconomy estimates it'll only cost $22B to build a seawall around Cape Canaveral..if we start now in 2023. Add 12% for inflation for every year we delay starting it. Meaning, if we wait until 2030 to start it'll cost us another $22B because inflation actually compounds. Hence why a start date in 2030 means a $44B budget for a seawall.

Which you then multiple by another 150%. As between now and 2030 and when the project would initially be scheduled for completion (let's say 2045 if no EPA environmental impact required) there will be approximately 22 threats of government shutdown or actual government shutdowns that will add another $44B to the price tag.

Making a seawall to protect Cape Canaveral cost taxpayers a fraction of the F35 Lemon Fighter Jets, at roughly $100B to complete.

Or DoD / United States Space Force and NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration could invest a measly $10B into The Spaceport Company and solve their rising sea-level launch issue for pennies and in less than 36 months.

Alas, common sense remains the most elusive of all Space variables.