Business Math

Is not Space Math.

Dear Rocket Scientist,

The hardest part about being an #astrapreneur is coming to terms that you're an astrapreneur. You're not a rocket scientist. You're not a physist. You're not an electrical or propulsion engineer. You're a 5 year old, selling lemonade on a sidewalk in orbit. Because you and them, know just about the same about being an entrepreneur.

And that's probably the hardest hurdle for really f'n smart people to come to terms with. Until you've had 100 failures and half an exit, there is no education for entrepreneurship other than experience. Because while you can be an expert at the theory of entrepreneurship... The reality of entrepreneurship is so bat shit crazy that until you experienced the highs and find yourself neck deep in the lows, you just can't fathom how f'n hard it is to try.

Not be successful. Simply give it 110% of everything you've got financially, emotionally and spiritually only to be f'ed by the oddest of circumstances.

For instance, if you're a Space startup as of Sept 27th 2023... the last 5 years of your life hinge on Matt Gaetz agreeing to not let the government shutdown. Who the hell is Matt Gaetz? Just a Florida man who none of your PowerPoint or excelsheets accounted for.

🤔 Moral of this post?

When George Pullen says that the math don't math. It's time to pivot.

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