NuScale Power's small Reactors impact on The Space Economy

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) issued its final rule in the Federal Register to certify NuScale Power’s small modular reactor. The company’s power module becomes the first SMR design certified by the NRC and just the seventh reactor design cleared for use in the United States.The rule takes effects February 21, 2023 and equips the nation with a new clean power source to help drive down emissions across the country.

Why your electric bill cares about this great news and what this means for The Space Economy?

1️⃣ As the world's largest oil addict makes the move from fossil fuels to electric cars, small reactors are the only way to meet the energy requirements 🧐

2️⃣ These and other #nanoreactors were actually designed for rockets and habits on the moon and Mars. And while we're never gonna live on Mars, these babies will be great on #spacestations.

3️⃣ Nuclear powered aircraft carriers and submarines ARE spacestations stuck in Earth's gravity well. Especially a sub. So that tech and proofed out use case already exist. The fun and profitable part?

🤔 Which Contractor is going to build the first Deep Space 9 / Behemoth and Rosinate in orbit? And what's the profit margin on in orbit construction, MattBeth Construction ?

Stay tuned! George Pullen and I will let you know after we're sitting in microgravity on their cap table. Til then! See you in orbit!


Samson Williams,

Anthropologist in Residence