Space VCs, where art thou?


Space VCs, where art thou?

What VCs actually invest in The Space Economy and Spacepreneurs?


There are only 10 actual VCs (venture capital) firms who write checks to Spacepreneurs. Ten. Thats it.

The thing about the Space Industry is that its expensive to crack into. Fortunately, The Space Economy is a little easier to break into, especially once you realize you don't need to build your own rockets, satellites or even go to Space. 99% of Space Economy business are actually some flavor of terrestrial based data business.

Regardless though, if you're trying to break into the Space there are only 10 VC firms that actually write checks. Yes, there are about 389 "influencers" on social media (maybe less if they're unwilling to pay $8 for a blue check starting next week) who all claim to be space investors. There are even some funds who have the term "aerospace" on their website or investment thesis. Alas, there are a whooping total of 8 VC firms that actually write checks.

MilkyWayEconomy is the 11th and even we think that is a problem. How are two fat kids from Texas (by way of Maine for one of us) even marginally considered VCs in the Space Economy? Sadly, since MilkyWayEconomy was formed in 2020 we have written 14 checks to 14 different space centric startups from In Space Servicing, to simulations and edge computing. This is sad. Why that is sad is because without more funding than the gas money we provide, Spacepreneurs will never be able to be competitive globally (mainly against Chinese and Russian investments flowing into Space) nor be able to be competitive in orbit and beyond.

So! Who are the ten?

Doesn't matter. Because Uncle Sam has the deepest pockets in #TheSpaceEconomy.

What does that mean for you? Stop chasing sharks and apply for your STTRs and grants. They're the #1 proven way of accessing the funds required to successfully launch your space startup. However, you don't have to take our word for it. Just ask the biggest Government Welfare Queen of Space. You can ping him on a recent acquisition of his called "Twitter".


Okay, we cave. To reward you for reading the whole article and watching our video, here are the ten (10) actual “space” VCs. They have achieved this status of being“actual space VCs” as they have written checks in the last 24 months:

  • Seraphim Space
  • Space Angels
  • NewSpace Capital
  • Kuiper Ventures
  • Spaced Ventures Investors
  • UE2MC Ventures
  • Spaced Ventures (A regulated crowdfundingplatform)
  • Type One Ventures
  • 8090 Industries
  • MacVentureCap

To learn more about what we do here at MilkyWayEconomy or to be featured on our blog about The Space Economy, email us at Til then, see you in orbit!