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    Frequently Asked Questions for - The Space Economy recordings

    What is The Space Economy

    The Space Economy is your destination for the business of Space. That is more than a slogan it is the focus of all the teams work, effort and heart. And we have big hearts. We look to bring information that both entertains and educates those in our community interested in space, technology and economics about the $500B and growing space economy.

    What business services do you offer?

    How many people will see the business/guest segment/show?

    The Space Economy, its predecessors, and hosts have enjoyed 1Million+ views when we kicked it off in 2019, growing to 2Million+ views in 2020 and has sustained its market penetration as both interest and the community are growing fast. It is not possible to know how a specific individual business/guest and segment/show will find traction and no representations can be made as to future outcomes. But we can assure you that at least two people will watch the show, as both Samson & George's mothers tune in to provide commentary on their weight. They know. The pandemic hasn't been kind to anyone.

    What will a business/guest need for recording?

    A quiet, bright space works best. Smiling is helpful but its up to you, as is your attire. Wear whatever your comfortable with as very few people wear suits in Space.

    What are some tips for a good video?

    If possible hardwire your internet connection directly to your router/modem as this will allow for the best video quality. The Production Team can fix some issues but this greatly improves the quality of the feed. Artificial backgrounds can sometimes appear choppy so we advise against using them. More light than you think you need is normally what is required. Again, smiling is encouraged but we know how difficult entrepreneurship can be. So, the best videos are always the ones were your the most authentic.

    Is the show pre-scripted and can the business/guest have all the questions before the interview?

    No, however we are happy to take suggestions for questions that George or Samson might ask that would help you to highlight your efforts, technology or firm for the audience. The hosts will not ask "gotcha questions" and we want to help you look great and share your story with The Space Economy community.

    What is the format for The Space Economy?

    The show is conversational and the segments will keep moving. TSE may take one or two breaks depending on the length of the segment, for commercials or as needed. In general, please be prepared for the following questions/topics:

    • What is your full name and company name?
    • What does your company do?
    • Economic impacts of your firm on the Space Industry and broader Space Economy?
    • What is your traction? i.e.:, any key business sales, investors, awards, partnerships you have had in the last 6 months and would like to share?
    • Anything on the horizon we should be looking forward to? i.e.: "big announcement this summer" related to XYZ or research paper to be published in ABC. 
    • How can people learn more about your business?
    • What is your favorite Space hot sauce?

    Can the business/guest make edits to the interview?

    Yes and No. No, our Production Team does not take editorial suggestions. But, yes, if we need to repeat a question for clarity the hosts can "reload" for a second take on an answer. If you really really want to make edits to the videos you can it just cost about $6500 to edit 1 hour. So, if you really want to, for $6.5k we'll edit you however you want.

    May the business/guest have a copy of the interview after it airs?

    Absolutely! The Space Economy is happy to provide you with a final version for your own use. Share your awesomeness!

    What is the cost for a business/guest to be on TSE?

    About 30 minutes of your time. The Space Economy does NOT charge business/guests for interviews. The Space Economy is a for-profit business subsidiary of www.MilkyWayEconomy.com and shows may include commercials from sponsors of the platform. But its free for you, as in free free free free.

    Anything else, that we should be aware of / be prepared for before the recording?

    Please be sure to read the Media Release as provided on the scheduling link and be prepared to have fun. Running a Space business is hard enough. Relax. We got you, especially if you promise us gummy bears.