• Space, it's no longer the final frontier. "Money" is.

    With endless resources and diamonds the size of continents, who will own the Space Economy?

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    The Space Economy 2023 Almanac - $74.99

    As of January 2023 The Space Economy is valued at over $503B dollars. Additionally, many economic forecast place the value of The Space Economy between $4T and $10T dollars by the mid 2040s. This almanac is produced by MilkyWayEconomy to provide the reader facts, figures and forecast about the Space Economy.


    Laslty, this almanac has key facts and figures important to leaders, decision makers and Spacepreneurs to enable the reader to appreciate the feasibility, likelihood and possibility of the forecast and predictions for The Space Economy and Humanity in 2023 and beyond. #TSE2023Almanac

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    The Space Economy - $29.99

    The Space Economy is worth $400B in 2021 dollars. By 2030 the Space Economy will be worth $3T. How will you make your fortune in this 5th Industrial Revolution that is The Space Economy?

    In Book Zero of The Space Economy Series, "The Space Economy", UNH School of Law Adjunct Professors George Pullen and Samson Williams outline the future of the Space economy. Easy to read. Easier to understand. Priceless to own.

    Order your copy today and be part of the future. Oh, and welcome to The Space Economy. Its going to make the internet economy look like the Earth compared to the Sun.

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    Blockchain & The Space Economy - $39.99

    What is Blockchain and what does it have to do with The Space Economy? Of course the real question is, "What does Space have to do with Blockchain?". In short, everything.


    Turns out you can do a lot more with blockchain technology than make cryptocurrencies, especially in Space. What this exploration of Bitcoin, blockchain and cryptonomics leads us to is The Space Economy.


    What is The Space Economy? Who will dominate it? And what makes the Space Economy tick? Join us as we explore this $400B dollar and growing extraterrestrial ecosystem of opportunities.

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    Race & Space - Racial Equity & Justice in The Space Economy - $29.99

    Space is going to need more than diversity training.


    The challenges of Race in America are literally as old as America itself. From Harriet Tubman to Ahmaud Arbery the strange fruits of America’s legacies of slavery and systemic racism continue to be cancerous weeds strangling the moral fiber of America’s greatest ambitions. The purpose of Race in Space is to start the conversation of how today’s leadership can take meaningful steps to ensure that Humanity’s final frontier, Space, isn’t built on the same legacies of institutional and systemic racism that plague the American Dream to this day.

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    Blockchain & La Economía Espacial - $14.99

    ¿Qué es Blockchain y qué tiene que ver con la economía espacial? Recientemente, Space obtuvo su propia rama de las fuerzas armadas, Space Force. Lo cual, una vez que lo piensas, es el siguiente paso natural en la economía espacial.


    A lo que nos lleva la exploración de Bitcoin, blockchain y criptografía es a la Economía Espacial. ¿Qué es? ¿Quién lo dominará? ¿Y qué hace que funcione la economía espacial? Únase a nosotros mientras exploramos este creciente ecosistema de oportunidades extraterrestres de $ 400 mil millones.

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    Stop Sucking Up To VCs - $29.99

    This is book V in The Space Economy Series.


    Space entrepreneurs, much like terrestrial based ones, know that investment crowdfunding exits, have seen other people raise $Ms that way and can sense the paradigm shift away from VCs and towards the Crowd. The only thing you’re actually missing is a decision.


    For that, you need a little information. This book will provide you practical data points and insights that will help you determine for yourself not IF you should consider investment crowdfunding to capitalize your business, but when. "When" is now btw. See you in orbit!