Hope - Space’s Final Frontier

By Samson Williams

Part I in The Space Economy Series for Concordia University Wisconsin’s 2nd Annual National Security and Space Center (NSSC), Strategic Space Summit, October 26th, 2023

The Chief Space Economist of MilkyWayEconomy, George Pullen, sent me an email saying that we were going to Wisconsin in October to speak at Concordia University Wisconsin’s 2nd Annual National Security and Space Center (NSSC), Strategic Space Summit, on October 26th, 2023 and asked what are some topics we should have a fireside chat about. So, I popped open a can of coke, sucked down some caffeine and rattled off the list below:

  • Space Force only exist to protect The Space Economy
  • 3 Reasons why 5th Industrial Revolutionary startups will outperform 4th industrial revolutionary companies
  • Every business is a Space business but less than 3% will make their money in Space
  • He who controls satellites controls the narrative on Climate Change
  • United Nations Space Command and other great ideas for the Halo Universe
  • Dark Forest Theory, Defense and Funding - How Financiers Will Save Humanity from Extraterrestrial Annihilation
  • Where is the Space Force Academy?
  • Should Quadrillionaires be allowed to exist in Space?

Later, after George was walking back from picking up his youngest child from piano practice he called me and in between waiting on the exuberance of an eight year old to pause for a breath, we discussed the Strategic Space Summit in Wisconsin and what we’d talk about. To which George said, “What do twenty year olds want to know about The Space Economy?”

Fast forward a few hours, a few more thoughts and in the process of putting my five month old son to sleep, it dawned on me. “Twenty year olds want hope”.

Hope - Space’s Final Frontier

Humanity is a fragile flower, tittering on the edge of the Fifth Industrial Revolution that is The Space Economy. As a species Humans are not only daring to be a two planet species but actively reaching to the heavens to achieve the second small leap for mankind by leaving footprints far beyond the Moon and Martian surfaces. And in this great leap of faith, exploration and audacity of hope it turns out that humanity is optional.

What do twenty year olds want to know about Space and The Space Economy?

They want to know that they will be part of it. They want to know that Space won’t just be another economic barrier to purpose, meaning and happiness. As a generation, 20 year olds want to be included in defining the Industrial Revolution of data, information, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloning and the pursuit and achievement of biological immortality in microgravity. In short, twenty year olds want hope in a better tomorrow. A tomorrow that only the fair, just and equitable permanent human settlement of the heavens can provide.

If you’re twenty, a teenager either in years or emotional state, or orbited the earth more than four scores and seven years, join us in Wisconsin at Concordia University 2nd Annual National Security and Space Center (NSSC), Strategic Space Summit, October 26th, 2023 were we will tackle the big questions of Space, space exploration, discovery and The Space Economy:

  1. Will Space be fair?
  2. Will Space be just?
  3. Will Space be equitable?
  4. And how will Gen Alpha and beyond pay for the extravagant aspirations of their forerunners?





About the Author

Samson Williams is a co-founder of Milky Way Economy, a Washington, DC based think tank who specialize in understanding the economic foundations of the Fifth Industrial Revolution and the Space Economy. In addition to writing, researching and being an investor in 5th Industrial Revolution companies, Samson is an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and instructor at Columbia University in NYC. For business inquiries reach out to official@milkywayeconomy.com