Faith - Space’s Final Frontier

Part II in The Space Economy Series for Concordia University Wisconsin’s 2nd Annual National Security and Space Center (NSSC), Strategic Space Summit, October 26th, 2023

In order to have Hope in an idea, a person, a place, a possibility or outcome you have to be aware that Hope exists as a possibility. As Hope without awareness of deliverance is despair. When you're down on your luck, depressed or feeling emotionally isolated, how will salvation find you, if you have no idea that redemption is possible nor neigh? That lack of awareness of Hope, as a thing and fundamental concept of liberation, leaves a person spiritually and emotionally afloat in an ocean of uncertainty; devoid of the core values of conviction that there is a way / a path to safety, happiness or help. And so, in order to have Hope in a better tomorrow, we must have Faith that achieving the impossible isn’t impossible but necessary.

Of course you may be wondering, “What does this have to do with Space and The Space Economy?” Which is a valid question. To which the answer is, “Faith in The Space Economy is what enables us to pursue the audacious dreams of Space because we are fueled by the Hope in a better future for all.”

Faith - In The Space Economy

The majority of young people, in today’s Global Economy, have desperately little hope. How has Hope come to wither on the vine of Humanity? Where should the list begin? Millennials, Zoomers and Gen Alpha didn’t inherit an economy of prosperity rather were born into an economic system of debt peonage, inflation, de-dollarization, ferenflation and the gamification of healthcare, retirement and the American Dream. And then there is the Global South who are so far down on Humanity’s hope scale that over half of the global population lives on less than US$6.85 per person per day (World Bank,

However, The Space Economy need not be a clone of today’s inequitable Global Economy. In fact, from this anthropologist and newborn father’s perspective, if we colonize, duplicating the sins of financial inequity and social injustice, Space and The Space Economy, someone will have to kill the masters. As when a generation has no Hope, they cling to despair as the fuel and reason for which they rise each day. Throughout Human history and experience, hopelessness is the fertile ground from which anger, resentment and bitterness catalyzes to ferment revolution against those in power who pontificate on why the poor, downtrodden and politically powerless do not simply eat cake.

In short. Hope is only possible when we believe. Hope is in fact, the process by which belief solidifies into action. The first accomplishment of taking action is the personal internal discovery of a seed the size of faith and with that infinitesimally small grain of devotion, rendering the impossible not impossible but necessary.

It is necessary that this generation and the next generation and every generation subsequent have Hope in a better tomorrow. And the beautiful thing about Hope in a better tomorrow is that it is the reflection of what gets us to the Moon, Mars and beyond. We venture into the heavens and beyond because we believe. While it is the science and the tech that transports us out of Earth’s gravity well, it is Faith that will push the human experience to the edge of the known universe and Hope that enables us to make that great leap off of it.

To hear more about the 5th Pillar of The Space Economy, join George at Concordia University Wisconsin’s 2nd Annual National Security and Space Center (NSSC), Strategic Space Summit, October 26th, 2023.

Til then, hope to see you in orbit.


About the Author

Samson Williams is a co-founder of Milky Way Economy, a Washington, DC based think tank who specialize in understanding the economic foundations of the Fifth Industrial Revolution and the Space Economy. In addition to writing, researching and being an investor in 5th Industrial Revolution companies, Samson is an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and instructor at Columbia University in NYC. For business inquiries reach out to