Belief - Part III in Faith & Hope, Space Final Frontier Series for Concordia University Wisconsin’s 2nd Annual National Security and Space Center (NSSC), Strategic Space Summit, October 26th, 2023

In order to have Hope, one must have Faith. In order to have Hope in a better tomorrow on Earth…one must be aware that The Space Economy exists, so as to form a belief. As if you are unaware of a thing, how can you believe or even doubt it? The belief in what you ask? Salvation. Awareness of the Space Economy is the first step to accepting its reality and formulating the belief system necessary to look at the heavens, dream the impossible and make it necessary. With that belief, one can then understand why The Space Economy is the 5th Industrial Revolution, what role Faith and Hope play in making the impossible necessary and how this all comes together to birth the 6th Industrial Revolution.


Today Humanity is at the onset of the 5th Industrial Revolution and in need of more than something simply to believe in. Globally we’re in need of Hope. Hope in a better future for all humanity. Belief is that seed that sprouts Faith. Faith being the necessary germ to incite Hope.

And so, I have Hope that Humanity will embrace the 5th Industrial Revolution; discovering the new economic models, technologies, political and social systems that will arise as Humanity embraces the mantle of being the galaxy’s only known spacefaring species. As it is with the emerging social, cultural, economic and political infrastructure and technological breakthroughs afforded by the 5th Industrial Revolution that will enable the 6th Industrial Revolution. The 6th Industrial Revolution is how God helps those who help themselves and when Humanity as a whole makes the impossible necessary. What is necessary in the 6th Industrial Revolution? Humanity solving Global Warming and Climate Change; thereby ending the manmade 6th Mass Extinction the planet and its dwindling occupants are currently experiencing.

That is of course, God willing.

In the meantime, thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery as we delve into the 5th Pillar of the Space Economy, The Role of Religion in Space. Though we're not entirely sure where we're going. We do know just by starting the conversation and the first foot step we're headed in the right direction. And even if we find the path narrow and the way difficult, that is okay. Because together we can all find a way to a better life on earth and in the heavens.

See you all in orbit.


About the Author

Samson Williams is a co-founder of Milky Way Economy, a Washington, DC based think tank who specialize in understanding the economic foundations of the Fifth Industrial Revolution and the Space Economy. In addition to writing, researching and being an investor in 5th Industrial Revolution companies, Samson is an adjunct professor at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and instructor at Columbia University in NYC. For business inquiries reach out to