NFTs are digital Reciepts

Chapter 9 of "Blockchain isn't Hot Sauce"

In November of 2021 Samson Williams published a shot book entitled, "Blockchain isn't hot sauce. You can't put that sh*t on everything". It is a 30 page guide that briefly demystifies the hype of blockchain, NFTs, ICOs, and decentralized ledgers as a whole for the lay person. Below is an except, as two years later they hype of NFTs remain and scams abound. Enjoy!


Chapter 9 - NFTs(non-fungible tokens) are digital receipts

The future of NFTs (non-fungibletokens) for B2B transactions is bright. I recommend reaching out to Jamiel
Sheick, CEO of Chainhaus for the latest in B2B NFT applications.

However, for digital art, the current state and future of NFTs is laced with fraud, hype and tom foolery. For
instance, this piece of digital art (below) sold by Beeple sold at auction for $69 million dollars. However, nothing prevented me from “Right Click – Copying – Saving” it. Too, NFTs do not convey Intellectual Property (IP). Meaning there is no trademark, copyright or licensing that conveys with the “scarce” digital art. Hence why I was able to right-click-paste it here for free.

Feel free to cut it out and hang it on your living room wall or make it into a tshirt. Or better yet, take a photo of it and send it to me on Twitter @HustleFundBaby. See how scarce this art is?

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