One Spacex Falcon 9 Launch creates as much CO2 as 395 One-Way, Transatlantic Flights

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One Falcon 9 launch creates the equivalent of 395 one-way, transatlantic flights worth of CO2. Starship could be 10X this CO2 footprint.  

The Falcon9 burns 29,600 gallons (112,184 Kg) of highly refined kerosene. 3.0 Kg of CO2 goes into the atmosphere per Kg of Kerosene burned. 112,184 Kg x 3 Kg / CO2 = roughly 336,552 Kg of CO2 per Falcon 9 launch. 336.5 Kg of CO2 is equivalent to the average emissions of 395 one-way, transatlantic flights or just a little more than anaverage diesel car would produce driving one million miles (330,000kg).


The production of what is known as black carbon upon launch has a far greater impact on Climate Change than your typical fossil fuels. The Welfare King’s (Elon Musk) rockets, as do Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, use fuels that contain carbon and thereby produce black carbon upon launch. Meanwhile, our benevolent Prime Overlord, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin rockets, produce no black carbon because they are powered by liquid hydrogen. Which makes them the vape pens of Climate Change to Elon’s and Branson’s black carbon, cigarette-fuelled rockets. They’re still bad for the environment but not quite as bad as Elon’s/Brandson’s unfiltered rockets.

In 2023 SpaceX alone plans on launching more than 100 rockets. What steps is SpaceX (and other launch providers) taking to offset their carbon footprint and preserve the earth for your grandchildren?

We recommend buying deforested land in Maine and elsewhere and planting trees. DYK: one acre of northern Maine woods absorbs 3 tons of C02 per year? So to remove 330 tons (one Falcon 9 launch) you would need 110 acres of forested land, per launch. And to remove the CO2 generated from one Starship launch, you need 1100 acres of northern Maine woods, per launch. Or 1.7 square miles of forest per launch.

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