The 5 Industrial Revolutions

Key to developing investment thesis and strategies for cutting edge and deep tech investments is to understand and appreicate which revolution you're considering investing in.

We are currently in the 4th Industrial Revolution (Viral Economics) of Ai, Big Data and Energy. The 4th IR will continue for another decade or so, to further enable us to pick up steam in the 5th Industrial Revolution that is The Space Economy.

To learn more about each Industrial Revolution, see chapters 21 and 22 in our book "Blockchain & The Space Economy"; available on Amazon.

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Note - this is not investor advice. Information is for educational purposes only.


About the Authors

Samson Williams and George S. Pullen are the founders of MilkyWayEconomy, a Washington, DC & Maine based think tank that specializes in understanding the economic foundations of the Fifth Industrial Revolution and the Space Economy. In addition to writing, researching, and being investors in 5thIR companies, Samson and George are adjunct professors at the University of New Hampshire School of Law and instructors at Columbia University in NYC. Additionally, George is a Marine (retired) and guest lecturer at the National Defense University.